Delaware Delegation Announces $2 Million in Federal Funds to begin Permanent Repairs to Summit Bridge

Delaware’s Congressional Delegation – Sens. Joe Biden and Tom Carper (both D-Del.) and Congressman Mike Castle (R-Del.) today announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will provide $ 2 million in federal funds to begin critical repairs to Summit Bridge, a major north-south traffic corridor through Delaware. According to the Delegation, Summit Bridge which spans the C&D Canal on Delaware State Route 896, has, for several years, had major structural problems relating to the 3,800 foot approach to the bridge. Due to severe deterioration of the concrete base below the bridge’s asphalt overlay, many significant potholes have formed, causing hazardous traffic and pedestrian conditions. In September of 2006, after hearing concerns from residents living in the area, the Congressional Delegation convinced the Army Corps of Engineers to allocate $250,000 in their existing budget to complete an overall resurfacing of the approaches to the bridge, filling in the numerous cracks and pot holes. These repairs were considered short-term and were only expected provide temporary relief. Today’s announcement of $2 million will allow the Corps to begin a much more expansive and permanent fix to the bridge, completely resurfacing and replacing the concrete base and asphalt overlay. "A few years back, we had a problem with the approaches to the bridge and we knew we needed some relief quickly," said Senator Biden. "But we also knew that simply filling in the potholes wasn’t going to last forever. This money will allow the Corps to begin some significant and substantive repairs that will make the bridge and its approaches safer for motorist and pedestrians." "The C&D Canal divides Delaware, and the Summit Bridge serves – literally – as a connector. The band-aid the Army Corps of Engineers applied last year was helpful, but I look forward to the complete repairs being made soon to ensure safer passage on Delaware’s roads," said Senator Carper. "This critical funding we are announcing today will allow the Army Corps of Engineers to finally begin the job of fixing Summit Bridge with the attention and detail each motorist and pedestrian deserves. The temporary work that was completed last year certainly was not a final solution and I am happy to know that this federal funding will afford peace of mind to each person who uses that road and the surrounding areas," Castle said. The bridge and the approach roadways at both ends of the bridge are owned and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. The total estimated cost of the project is approximately $8 million. The delegation will continue to work with the Corps to ensure additional funding to complete the project.