Carper to Join Celebration of the First Hindu Temple in the First State

HOCKESSIN, DE- Senator Tom Carper will join Sunday in the dedication and celebration of the first Hindu temple in the First State. More than 3,000 Delawareans have been invited to join the six-day celebration, which culminates Sunday evening. The temple will be open for worship on Monday. “The Hindu Temple is the first in our state. With its unique blend of architecture and tradition it distinguishes itself amongst temples worldwide. People, I am told, wait their entire lives for ceremonies like these” said Carper, who participated in the temple’s opening day ceremonies last January. “Thousands of Delawareans were invited to the temple’s dedication. We welcome the addition of the temple to our state.” WHAT: Senator Tom Carper will join thousands of Delawareans for the celebration ceremonies of the First State’s first Hindu Temple. WHEN: Sunday, May 30th at 6:15 p.m. WHERE: Sri. Hindu Temple 76 Yorklyn Road, Hockessin Temple is at the intersection of Old Wilmington Road and Yorklyn Rd. To avoid traffic delays on Yorklyn Rd. vistors are asked to park in the Sanford School parking lot, located at the spot where Rt 41 and Rt 48 merge. A shuttle bus will taxi visitors to and from the temple. Call 302-235-7020 for detailed directions or log onto