Sussex Seniors Celebrate Older Americans Day

GEORGETOWN, DE – Senator Tom Carper will join Sussex County seniors tomorrow afternoon in Georgetown to celebrate Older Americans Day. The day marks the culmination of a month-long nationally recognized tribute to older Americans. Hundreds of downstate seniors are expected, as are discussions on the soaring prices of prescription drugs. “This is the generation that fought in World War II, lived through the Great Depression and built our country into the economic superpower it remains today. I look forward to hearing from them and celebrating their accomplishments,” Carper said. “As a member of the Senate Aging Committee, one of the areas I’m concerned about is the rising cost of prescription drugs and seniors’ ability to pay for them.” As Governor, Tom Carper signed the Pill Bill, which created a drug benefit for thousands of Delaware seniors. To ease the burden of spiraling prescription drug costs for our nation’s seniors citizens, Carper is a prime co-sponsor of the “Medicare Reform Act of 2001” which offers a voluntary prescription drug benefit to all Medicare beneficiaries. Last summer Carper launched his “Pill Bill 2 Tour” which included five town meetings with seniors throughout Delaware. WHAT: Senator Carper will join hundreds of downstate seniors at a celebration culminating Older Americans Month WHEN: Friday, May 31st 12:30-1:30 p.m. WHERE: Georgetown CHEER Center 5 Sandhill Rd, Georgetown