Carper Named to Three Major Committees, Will Serve on Banking, Government Affairs, and Environment Committees

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Thomas Carper announced today that he has been selected to serve on three major Senate committees and the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging. With his new role on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; Environment and Public Works; and the Government Affairs committees, Carper becomes one of only two freshman Democrats to serve on three "A" committees. "I am excited by the opportunity to serve Delaware in this capacity and honored by my selection to three major committees," Senator Carper said. "The business of Congress is conducted in committees. This selections give us a real hand in the business that’s important to Delaware – from the Saint George’s bridge to banking and urban development." With Senator Joe Biden’s senior roles on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, Delaware now has a "full service" Senate delegation. "This is wonderful news for the people of Delaware. Tom is sitting in a prime position to accomplish so many things that are vital to the people of Delaware. I am thrilled that he is in a position to play such an influential role," said Senator Joe Biden. The issues Senator Carper will be able to take a "hands-on" approach to in the Senate include: Committee on Environment and Public Works: With jurisdiction over the Army Corps of Engineers, the Committee will be able to focus on issues like Delaware River dredging and the C and D Canal crossings. Carper will also be able to focus on Superfund legislation, the Clean Water Act and brown fields legislation. The committee also oversees the Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs: After ten years on the House Banking Committee and eight years as Governor, Carper understands the importance of the banking industry to Delaware’s growing economy. The committee’s responsibilities include overseeing deposit insurance, the Community Reinvestment Act, nursing home construction and federal monetary policy. Because the committee also covers public and private housing and urban development and mass transit, Carper will be able to continue his work on revitalization. Committee on Government Affairs: As former Chairman of the National Governors’ Association and the NGA’s Center for Best Practices, Carper oversaw a clearing house of the nation’s best ideas on health, education, the economy and tax relief. Through this Senate committee’s focus on the relationship between federal, state and local governments, Carper can urge the federal government to gives states more flexibility to succeed. The investigative arm of the Senate, the Government Affairs Committee can investigate HMOs pulling out of Delaware, health issues and the Army Corps of Engineers. Special Committee on Aging: This committee investigates health, income, employment, housing and care issues for senior citizens. "As a Governor, as a Congressman, and now as a Senator, I have always taken a "hands-on" approach to governing," Carper said. "I want to use my committee membership to change government’s focus. Rather than the federal government setting constraints on how we act, it should shine a spotlight on the nation’s best practices.