Sen. Carper Commends President For Addressing Cyber Security Threats

Senator Carper Has Cyber Security Legislation Pending, Had Held Investigative Hearings

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) congratulated President Obama today for taking steps to address one of America’s most alarming 21st Century security threats.
The release today of the results of President Obama’s 60-day cyber security review is in line with many of the provisions included in Sen. Carper’s own legislation, "The United States Information and Communications Enhancement Act of 2009," which he introduced on April 28.
Sen. Carper, who is involved in cyber security issues as chairman of a key Senate Homeland Security subcommittee, said:
"The Internet and the widespread use of information technology have revolutionized the way we Americans go about our daily lives. Today, we rely on the Internet to gather information, keep in touch with friends and conduct business. U.S. business and industry rely on the latest technology to stay competitive.
"However our reliance on the Internet can also be a weakness. In fact, as chairman of the Senate Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services, and International Security subcommittee, I have heard, first-hand, the harmful consequences of an attack against our government networks or critical infrastructure.
"My investigative hearings have uncovered that the federal government’s efforts to prepare for and prevent cyber attacks by hackers, terrorists or even other nations are largely uncoordinated, duplicative and ineffective. Federal agencies are spending billions on ineffective security measures that often involve nothing but paperwork, all the while leaving our federal computer networks vulnerable.
"In addition, federal governments are not very good stewards of the sensitive information – including individuals’ personally identifiable information – that has been entrusted to our government officials. In fact, the federal government has let more information slip through its hands than the entire print collection of the Library of Congress, which is the largest library in the world.
"President Obama’s recommendations along with my cyber security legislation will help institutionalize necessary security practices and measures that will enhance our nation’s cyber security posture, and focus our efforts on effectively defending our critical networks."