Carper: Ridge is the right One for the Job, Former Delaware Governor was Ridge’s Mentor in the National Governor’s Association, Fellow Freshman in the House of representatives, and Colleague on Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – After Governor Tom Ridge took his oath today to lead the Office of Homeland Security, Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) said his friend “may have the toughest job in America, but he is the right person for the job.” “Tom Ridge has been handed the toughest task in America – keeping our nation safe from what will surely be more terrorist attacks. It will require a leader who can bridge differences and get people to work together. He’s one of the best at that,” Carper said. “He’s smart, he’s easy to work with and he’s aggressive about getting things done quickly. If anyone can make this work, it’s Tom Ridge. He is the perfect match for the job.” Ridge’s most important asset is that he has the ear of the President and personal relationships with many Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate, Carper said. “Congress knows that Governor Ridge has the full faith of the President behind him. He also has strong working relationships with members of the House and Senate who are here to help him succeed,” Carper said. Carper and Ridge served together on the House Banking Committee and they were both elected to Congress in 1982. They are both Vietnam veterans (Carper is a 20-year Navy veteran who served as Mission Commander for Naval intelligence flights in Southeast Asia), and worked closely together in the National Governor’s Association.