Dodd, Carper, Sebelius Discuss Health Care Reform

Washington, DC Senators Chris Dodd and Tom Carper joined Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius at a media availability today to discuss health care reform.  Democrats are working on health care reform that will lower costs, preserve choice, and provide stability and security to our system.
“This isn’t about us in Washington – this is about the 46 million Americans who are uninsured, the additional 30 million who are underinsured, and the millions more who will lose their insurance if we don’t act,” said Senator Dodd of the Senate HELP Committee.  “Each day, another 100 people in my state lose their insurance.  The status quo isn’t just unacceptable – it’s unsustainable.  There is no time for obstruction.  There is no excuse for inaction.”
“President Obama was smart to visit the Cleveland Clinic today where they have moved away from fee-for-service, and doctors are paid for making people feel better, not for over-treating them,” said Sen. Tom Carper of the Senate Finance Committee. “I cannot overstate the importance of our legislative efforts to move away from the fee for service system.  We need to replicate the successes at Cleveland Clinic and start paying health care providers for the quality of work they do and not just for the quantity of their work.”
“I am pleased with the positive and productive discussion we had today with Senators on health insurance reform,” said Secretary Sebelius.  “They, like the President, are concerned about skyrocketing costs that impact every family and the millions of Americans who go without the care they need. I am even more convinced that we are closer than ever to enacting long-overdue health reform.”