Carper: Both Parties Agree It’s Time for New Plan in Iraq

WASHINGTON (Nov. 15, 2005) – Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., today praised the passage of a resolution calling on the White House to make 2006 a “year of change” in Iraq. Specifically, the resolution, which passed 79-19, would urge the Bush administration to force the Iraqi people to take more responsibility for their own security, which could lead to a phased redeployment of U.S. troops from Iraq if certain benchmarks are reached. The resolution would also call on the Bush administration to explain to the American people and the Congress its plan to complete the mission in Iraq and to report regularly on progress made toward that goal. The following is a statement from Sen. Carper: “Today’s overwhelmingly bipartisan vote shows that neither Republicans nor Democrats are satisfied with our progress in Iraq and we expect the Bush administration to deliver a plan for success in the region. No one thinks it’s time to cut and run, but we need to make it clear that we don’t plan to stay in Iraq forever and we expect Iraqis to take additional responsibility for securing their fledgling democracy. The Senate also made clear today that the president has a responsibility to be more forthright with Congress about the progress that’s being made in Iraq. The president has a real opportunity this December, following an additional slate of parliamentary elections in Iraq, to lay out a new path toward success. I hope he does so.”