Sen. Carper Today Attends White House Meeting On Health Care

Senator Responds Positively To President Obama's Health Care Speech To The Nation

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), a key Senate Finance Committee member, offered the following comments on the President’s speech last night and about his efforts to lead a moderate Democrats meeting at the White House later today:
“Today, our Senate moderate Democrats’ working group will hear directly from the President today, and I will put forward my thoughts on how to improve health care coverage and reduce costs by focusing on what we know works.
“Last night, the President laid out details Americans need to know about health care reform and addressed some of the same misinformation I heard during many meetings and forums on health care in our state over the August recess.
“I agree with the three goals the President set out for any health care reform proposal. It must bring stability and security to those who have health insurance; ensure affordable coverage for those who don’t; and curb the growth of health care costs that have doubled in the last decade alone.
“I want to join the President in reassuring Delawareans who have health insurance through their job, Medicare, Medicaid or the VA that nothing in our health care proposals will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctors you have now.
“And, I too will not support a bill that adds one dime to our national deficit.
“In the coming week, the Senate Finance Committee on which I serve will release what I expect will be a bipartisan health care bill and I will work long and hard this fall to help pass health care reform legislation that is essential to improve care in this country and to begin rein in health care costs.”