Delaware to Receive $235,000 for Energy Saving Projects

WASHINGTON, DC – Delaware’s Congressional Delegation today announced that the Department of Energy (DOE) would provide funding for two energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Delaware. The Department is providing funding through its State Energy Program Special Projects competitive grants allotting $185,000 for Delaware Industries of the Future (IOF) program and $50,000 for Delaware Million Solar Roofs Coalition. “Delaware has been a leader on creating renewable sources of energy and I am proud of the initiative and dedication of our state,” said Senator Biden. “By increasing Delaware’s access to alternative, renewable and efficient sources of energy, we will strengthen our economy, improve our environment, and increase our energy security. It is a wise investment, and one I am glad was made,” said Senator Tom Carper, a member of the Senate Energy Committee. “By supporting a partnership of industries who can easily assess long term strategies for our state’s energy conservation, we will reduce air pollution, provide jobs, limit our home’s utility bills, and promote energy efficiency in our state,” said Congressman Mike Castle. The Delaware State Energy Office proposes to develop a Delaware Industries of the Future program which will focus on the Chemical and Renewable Bioproducts Industries of the State and also determine near- and long-term strategies for improving energy efficiency, waste management and competitiveness. The project will be a collaboration of the Delaware Energy Office, the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the Delaware Economic Development Office, the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy of the University of Delaware, and the Delaware Biotechnology Institute. The Delaware Million Solar Roofs Coalition consists of two phases. The first phase involves partnering with Energy Services Group, Delaware’s Energy Star leader to educate new home-buyers on the benefits of solar energy and energy efficiency. The second phase consists of outreach and education to Delaware’s municipal utilities. As a Million Solar Roofs Initiative Partner, the state of Delaware has a goal to install 500 solar energy systems by 2010. Removing some of the local barriers such as the lack of public awareness and an understanding of the benefits of solar energy and the number of municipal utilities serving Delawareans will increase Delaware’s ability to achieve this goal.