Sen. Carper Statement Regarding the Postal Service’s Decision to Increase Postage Costs

WASHINGTON, DC –Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services and International Security which oversees the Postal Service, released the following statement reacting to the Postal Service’s announcement earlier today that it would be increasing postage costs: 


"Today’s announcement by the Postal Service underscores the serious financial crisis they are currently facing.  Like many other businesses, the Postal Service is looking at every option available to them to raise revenue and cut costs.  I don’t think it should be Congress’ role to critique every business decision made by the Postal Service, rather I think it would be most constructive to allow the Postal Service to exercise the discretion we have given them to make the hard choices necessary to remain financially viable.  I do share the concerns of businesses and consumers who worry that this rate increase will force them to cut back on their use of the Postal Service and I hope the Postal Service has given this concern due consideration when weighing this choice.  Unfortunately it seems like this will be one of many painful choices the Postal Service will have to make in the near future in order to right their fiscal house and adequately address the fiscal challenges they are facing.  I think my efforts, and those of my colleagues, can be best spent giving the Postal Service all the tools they need to make these difficult, but necessary, business decisions.  That’s why later this year I will be introducing comprehensive legislation to help address many of the long term financial challenges facing the Postal Service."