Senator Carper Donates his Car to Milford Family Striving to Leave Welfare

MILFORD, DE – Senator Tom Carper donated his car to Marcie Hall and her family today as part of Delaware’s Cars for Career’s program, which helps families striving to leave the welfare system. The donation, his third, continues the Senator’s ongoing involvement in the program, which allows residents to overcome transportation barriers that stop them from finding fulfilling careers. “It used to be that people were better off on welfare- we worked hard to change that,” said Carper. “We worked with government, nonprofit and private organizations to find and create new jobs for families on welfare. We provided training, transportation and child care needs, but in rural areas- such as parts of Kent & Sussex counties, it’s hard to get around without a car. This car has never let me down and I hope that however long you drive it, it won’t let you down either.” Hall, of Milford, is doing her best to support her children with a job at a temp agency, but transportation troubles have been a difficult obstacle to overcome in her search for a full-time career. As a result, Hall has been forced to join Delaware’s A Better Chance Welfare Reform Program. She said this car would allow her to keep a permanent job, and support her four children. “I knew I could do it, I know I can do it, by working hard I know I can succeed,” Hall said. “I can’t tell you what this means to me and my family. It makes all the difference.” Carper gave Hall his 1988 Chevy Corsica, and encouraged others to donate also. “If you have a car, truck, or minivan, don’t simply trade it in, but give it as a gift to someone to help them become self sufficient.” The Carpers now drive a minivan, better suited to transporting his son Christopher’s tuba. This program highlights Carper’s commitment to empowering welfare recipients to become self-sufficient. Upon receipt of the car, Marcie Hill of Milford will have reliable transportation to the job she relies on to provide for her family. Carper’s donation will help her on her path to becoming alumni of Delaware’s “A Better Chance” Welfare Reform program, which he created as Governor and which has helped thousands of people leave the welfare rolls for work.