Carper Tours Schwartz Center of the Arts

DOVER, DE – Senator Tom Carper returned to the Schwartz Center of the Arts today to tour the construction site and gauge its growth into engine for cultural and community development. Wearing a hard hat and safety glasses, Carper was lead through the growing center to view its progress. “It was exciting to see first-hand the growth and expansion of what will be a center for community and artistic growth,” Carper said. “Our state has so much talent, creativity and spirit to share. The Schwartz Center is shaping up to be the perfect stage for that to shine. Today we saw the building of something very special.” The creation of the center and its evolution from the Old Capitol Theater to the modern Schwartz Center was a top initiative of then-Governor Carper. When completed, the center will host plays, concerts, opera, the ballet and classic movie screening as well as serving as a community center. “Senator Carper played a key role in this project from the beginning. We were honored to bring him through to see what he helped create,” said Jeff Fulgham, the Executive Director of the Center. “The infrastructure is now in place – the steel beams are up and we are starting on the walls. With the Senator’s help, we are going forward full-steam towards on October opening,”