Big News for BioTerror Protection, Carper to Announce $8 Million Appropriated by the U.S. Senate for Lifesaving Bio-Defense Software Being Developed in Newark

NEWARK, DE – Senator Tom Carper will announce tomorrow at Quantum Leap’s Newark headquarters that $8 million has been appropriated by the U.S. Senate for the lifesaving bio-defense software the firm is developing for the United States Navy and specifically designing for the First State. The announcement will include details on the funding and additional jobs for the area. The Congressional Delegation has been working closely together to secure the funding for the Newark firm. “Quantum Leap’s innovations hold the promise of saving an enormous number of lives by quickly identifying terrorist threats and coordinating defensive responses. Their technology is novel and its applications are lifesaving,” said Carper. “With its small size, easy access to state and emergency planning officials and manageable data collection, our state is an excellent arena for technology advances. By giving our state the best system in the nation for coordinating emergency plans, Quantum Leap is making Delaware a model for the nation.” Quantum Leap’s technology will be designed to detect suspicious agents and disease, closely monitor trends and to develop instantaneous, individualized plans for first responders and emergency management officials. Specifically, the system is designed to detect an outbreak; identify offending chemical or bio-agents and their sources; predict potential exposure; alert appropriate authorities (such as hospitals, local government, military and CDC); and provide continuously updated options and tradeoffs to decision makers. The technology may be used to track diseases, as well as to protect water supplies and to monitor unwelcome activity in secure locations. TUESDAY, AUGUST 6 9:30 a.m. Delaware BioTech Institute Carper To Tour and Receive Update on Facilites Location: 15 Innovative Way, Newark 10:30 a.m. Quantum Leap Innovations Carper to Announce Substantial Funding for the Newark Bio Defense Firm Location: 15 Innovative Way, Newark