Delaware’s Finest Selected to Join Operation in Cuba, U.S. Senator Commends Airmen for their ‘commitment to excellence’

DOVER, DE – The brave soldiers from Dover Air Force headed to the American military base in Cuba deserve our nation’s praise and support, said Senator Tom Carper, a retired Nay Captain and mission commander. The 25 reserve security personnel were handpicked because of the special skills they exhibit in their civilian jobs. The Department of Defense revealed that U.S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba will serve as a temporary holding facility for certain terrorists captured during the military campaign in Afghanistan. “These soldiers deserve the label ‘Delaware’s Finest.’ The information we gather from the prisoners they guard could be vital to our national security. Their friends, families and neighbors will speak of their service for years to come,” said Carper, who served in Southeast Asia. “By answering their call to service, these soldiers become part of Delaware’s rich legacy of service in times of need.” The Delaware forces left for Cuba this week, and bring with them decades of expertise and training in their given fields. They join colleagues from all over the nation answering the call to protect our nation at home and abroad