Sen. Carper Urges Action On Clean Air

Welcomes Clean Air Coalition Agenda Released Today

WASHINGTON (Feb. 25, 2009) – As chairman of the Senate Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Subcommittee, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) issued the following statement in support of a Clean Air Agenda released by a coalition of environmental and health organizations at the American Lung Association headquarters today:


“There is no more important job than improving our nation’s air quality, and there may be no better example of a challenge that needs the commitment, knowledge and experience of leaders like the American Lung Association and Clean Air Watch working together with industry, government and others to achieve real progress.  


“The Clean Air Agenda released today will guide the effort to help the millions of Americans who breathe bad air and who such suffer life-threatening health concerns as asthma, heart attacks and strokes. 


“Improving our nation’s air quality has been a top legislative priority during my nine years in the Senate as I’ve pushed for passage of my Clean Air Planning Act (CAPA) and other clean air measures.


“I look forward to working with President Obama, with my colleages in the Senate, and with others to pass strong, comprehensive clean air legislation that makes deep and meaningful reductions in mercury, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide emissions.”