Dover Police Chief to Testify at Hearing on Homeland Security Wednesday (tomorrow)

Carper to Address Concerns About Small States Receiving Fair Share of Federal First Responder Aid

Audio of committee testimony for radio also available upon request. *Satellite Feed of Carper and Hovarth at Hearing Available Tomorrow* 4:00- 4:10 p.m. Galaxy 3; Transponder 24; Downlink 4180; Standard Audio Washington, DC- Dover Police Chief Jeffrey Horvath will appear Wednesday before Senator Tom Carper and the full U.S. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, at a hearing dedicated to federal investment in homeland security. Discussion will focus on lack of coordination between local municipalities, state and federal officials and the importance of ensuring that small states like Delaware receive sufficient federal first responder aid. “Our commitment to homeland security must be more than rhetoric. I am happy to see the President focusing on this issue- but his proposed funding levels are far from what is needed to protect our nation and its first responders,” Carper said. “Delaware’s geographic location puts it at a higher risk than other states with similar populations and land size. Dover Air Force Base, Salem Nuclear Power Plant, the Port of Wilmington, and Interstate 95 potentially put Delaware at more of a risk than other states. I’m working to ensure that small states like Delaware get a fair share when federal first responder aid becomes available.” The supplemental spending bill passed late last week in the Senate (93-0) included only $2.2 billion for first responders, significantly less than needed. $600 million of that funding is slated for large urban areas, shortchanging less populous states like Delaware. Horvath is Police Chief in Delaware’s capital city, which is home to Dover Air Force Base. The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security. WHAT: Governmental Affairs Full Committee Hearing on “Homeland Security Investments”
WHO: Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) and members of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee; Dover Police Chief Jeffrey Horvath and other witnesses
WHEN: Wednesday, April 9th, 9:30 a.m.
WHERE: 342 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Corner of First St. and Constitution, NE Washington, DC