Carper Applauds Obama Administration’s Efforts to Save Taxpayer Dollars, Reduce Harmful Air Pollution, and Conserve Energy

White House Executive Order to Ensure More Federal Worker Telecommuting; Echoes Goals of Carper CLEAN TEA Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Carper released the following statement regarding a White House memo issued today to reduce the federal government’s environmental footprint:


"As someone who takes the train from my home in Wilmington to work in Washington almost every single day, I am a big believer in finding better ways to get to work.  Walking, riding a bike, or taking the bus, train or subway to work helps reduce traffic and harmful air pollution, and can be healthier and more affordable than sitting alone in traffic in your car.  I’m pleased that the Administration is taking this important step to help Federal workers lead by example and I hope that Congress will move forward quickly with legislation that I proposed last week along with some of my Senate colleagues to provide all Americans with a practical alternative to using their cars, trucks, and vans for every trip.  In addition to encouraging Federal workers to utilize alternative modes of transportation to get to work, I’m pleased the Administration is moving forward with another proposal that I’ve championed as a way to save taxpayer dollars and energy by making the Federal government’s heating and cooling systems more efficient and by promoting recycling programs.  I’ve often said that the cleanest, cheapest energy is the energy that we never use and together with my colleague Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), I’ve pushed legislation to make the Federal government use taxpayer dollars more responsibly by becoming more energy efficient.  The Administration’s memorandum to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and utilize renewable energy compliments my legislation and is an important step in the right direction."