Carper Reflects on 90-Day Anniversary of 9/11, Urges Citizens to live in Their Spirit of Courage

WILMINGTON, DE – At 8:46 am today, America and the world stood in silent reflection on the tragedies of September 11th. Senator Tom Carper issued the following statement following that moment of silence: “We stand today in silence and in respect. Not only to reflect on what we have lost, but also to take pride in what we have accomplished. We are a nation more unified, a people more committed, and a society more strong than at any point in my lifetime. It was said that on September 11, the world stopped in horror. Today, it stopped again – but this time in tribute. It is a day to remember those taken from us, and to show support for those fighting for us. Each day, the American soldiers leading the war against terrorism set new standards for bravery. Each day, they prove America’s might and demonstrate our resolve. If the next 90 years of American history are as full of the courage and unity that defined us during the past 90 days, our greatest years may truly lie ahead.”