Sen. Carper Announces $1.1 Million Grant for the Christina School District

U.S. Department of Education awards grant for the Smaller Learning Communities Program

Wilmington, DE – Senator Tom Carper announced today that the U.S. Department of Education has awarded the Christina School District a $1,100,000.00 grant to implement the Smaller Learning Communities Program (SLC) in the District’s three high schools. The purpose of the Smaller Learning Communities Program is to promote academic achievement through small, safe and successful learning environments in large public high schools. The Christina School District is undergoing district-wide high school reform in an effort to raise student achievement. The Smaller Learning Communities Program will be implemented as part of the District’s Transformation Plan. Here’s how the SLC program will work: Building on a pilot 9th grade academy experience at Christiana High School, 9th grade academies will be implemented at the three high schools in 2004. After four years, all students will be in SLC settings. In addition, significant academic enhancement for all students and accelerated strategies for those performing below grade level on state assessments, and professional development for teachers, will be part of this program. “I strongly believe that the Christina School District has the leadership to make this project a success, and I believe the SLC program will give students the tools and support to succeed in high school and beyond,” said Senator Carper. “The support our district is receiving from the federal government will help jump start the transformation of our high schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Joseph Wise. “In April, the Board of Education approved the movement to smaller learning communities as part of the District’s Transformation Plan. We’re really excited about the opportunity that we have to dramatically improve education for all of our students.” The Christina School District is Delaware’s largest public school district with about 19,000 students.