DE Breaks Top Ten for New Technology Readiness

WILMINGTON, DE -Senator Tom Carper today praised Delawareans for working together to put Delaware amongst the nation’s top ten states most prepared for success in the “New Economy”. The Progressive Policy Institute issued a report this morning ranking states on their readiness to prosper in today’s markets. The study found that states with fresh approaches to boosting skills, entrepreneurship, technology and quality of life are best prepared. Delaware ranked number nine in the nation. “We made early investments in Delaware’s future, and it seems to be paying off. From having every classroom wired for Internet access to encouraging the growth of small business, Delaware is doing things right,” Carper said. “We are ready and able to lead.” The report examines the strengths and weaknesses of each state economy using indicators in five categories that best capture the essence of the New Economy- knowledgeable jobs, globalization, economic dynamism and competition, the transformation to a digital economy and technological innovation capacity. The 2002 State New Economy Index is available at Under Carper’s leadership as governor, Delaware became the first state in the nation to wire every public school classroom with fiber optic cable. Delaware leads the nation in providing students with access to computers in classrooms.