Monday: Carper Delivers with UPS Alternative Fuel Ride Along

DOVER, DE – Senator Tom Carper will ride along in an alternative fuel truck Monday morning, helping United Parcel Service driver Mike Welsh deliver packages along his morning route. The two will make deliveries from a UPS P1000 Compressed Natural Gas Package Car, one of an expansive fleet of alternative fuel vehicles employed by the company. “Natural gas, bio-diesel, and fuel cells show great promise in reducing our dependence on oil. This vehicle exemplifies that potential,” said Carper, who is a long time supporter of the promise of alternative fuels. “Alternative fuels can deliver economically and environmentally for Delmarva. I look forward to spending the morning delivering as well.” The energy bill that passed the Senate late last week included dramatic incentives for vehicles powered with alternative fuels. The legislation provides tax credits for consumers who buy energy efficient vehicles, support for fuel cells and solar power, and renewable energy credits to encourage energy made from sources like poultry waste and soybeans. Carper, the newest member of the Senate Energy Committee, voted for the energy package largely because of its investments in alternative energy sources. UPS is committed to pursuing clean, efficient alternative fuels aimed at reducing emissions, dependency on fossil fuels and operating costs. With its fleet of more than 1,800 alternative fuel vehicles in North America, UPS is a giant environmental laboratory for testing and assessing the efficiency and viability of alternative fuel sources. WHAT: Carper works alongside UPS driver Mike Welsh to make deliveries in an alternative fuel truck WHERE: Route starts at Dover Downs WHEN: Monday, May 6th 10:35 a.m. Media needing more detailed information on the delivery route and shots available may contact UPS Communications Director Bill McCloy at 410-368-3812 or 410-274-8804.