Carper Joins Senator Biden’s Port Security Bill, Praises State’s Senior Senator for his Leadership

WILMINGTON, DE – Senator Tom Carper voiced his support for Senator Joe Biden’s new legislation aimed at protecting the nation’s seaports against terrorist attacks. At a press conference today with Biden, Senator Arlen Specter and Congressman Mike Castle, Carper agreed to cosponsor the bill and pledged to join efforts supporting its passage. “This bill implements common-sense measures to protect our ports’ safety. The Senate took steps to protect our airports from handguns and explosives. This bill better protects our seaports from those dangers as well,” Carper said. “I thank Senator Biden for his leadership on this issue and pledge to support him in this cause.” The Port Security bill:

  • Requires all carriers doing business at ports, including those who do not own a vessel but are renting space on one, to comply with current manifest reporting and record-keeping requirements and increases the penalties for non-compliance.
  • Requires electronic transmission of manifests to U.S. Customs before arriving at a port.
  • Increases penalties for falsifying certificates of origin on cargo and prohibits the loading of improperly documented or undocumented cargo.
  • Imposes new penalties for using or conspiring to use a firearm, explosive, etc. at a port.
  • Grants Customs the authority to conduct undercover investigations for arms trafficking at ports without having to notify Congress.
  • Requires Customs to develop a uniform system for sealing any cargo leaving or coming to a U.S. port.