Sen. Carper Commends President On Health Care Proposal, Encouraged By Continuing Progress

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, issued the following statement today in response to President Obama’s proposal using ideas from both sides of the aisle to move ahead on health care reform:
“President Obama’s proposal has incorporated both Democrat and Republican ideas to move forward on health care reform. He knows – as I know – that the American people don’t care which side of the aisle an idea comes from. They care about results. As I have said since the beginning of this process, health care reform must be done, and it must be done now. Now is the time for us to govern, to regain our constituents’ trust and deliver results.
“I am especially pleased to see medical liability reform included in the President’s proposal. This is an area that I worked on extensively during Senate deliberations and the President’s proposal enhances that initial effort by increasing funding for testing and evaluating alternatives to our medical liability system. By encouraging states to explore new medical malpractice reforms, we not only save money by reducing defensive medicine, but we will improve patient safety and health care outcomes. The President’s interest in this issue again demonstrates his willingness to include Republican ideas in comprehensive health care reform.”