Carper Supports Administration Decision to Review Troubled Federal Technology Projects

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement in support of the Obama Administration’s announcement that it will consider overhauling 26 troubled federal technology projects in order to cut spending. The highlighted projects are valued at as much as $30 billion.


"I commend the Obama Administration for prioritizing IT investments that are essential to securing America’s borders, delivering medical care to our veterans, and making government more efficient," said Sen. Carper. "As we know, federal agencies have traditionally had a bad track record when it comes to delivering these projects on cost, on time, and performing as planned. Many times, these investments end up costing the American taxpayer millions – if not billions – more than we expected. Since 2007, I have held several hearings examining why so many IT investments failed and one of the main reasons I discovered was that senior agency executives simply aren’t paying attention or being held accountable for the investments’ success. The previous Administration also made a "High-Risk List" for IT investments but refused to tell Congress why these projects were at-risk or which ones needed Congressional attention. I am confident that this Administration won’t make that same mistake and will partner with me and my colleagues to make sure taxpayers get what they pay for."


The Senate recently approved Sen. Carper’s bill, S. 920 the Information Technology Oversight and Waste Prevention Act of 2009, which among other necessary reforms, would require agencies to identify IT investments that are essential to the agency’s mission. The bill would also require that agencies’ IT investments undergo rigorous planning and have outlined oversight actions. The bill is now waiting on action from the House of Representatives.


Please click here for a list of "High Priority" technology projects identified by the Obama Administration earlier today.