Sens. Carper And Kaufman Applaud New Delaware Funding

WASHINGTON — In response to the announcement that the new economic recovery package includes $485,000 in Health and Human Services’ uHuHufunding for Senior Nutrition Assistance programs in Delaware, U.S. Sens. Tom Carper and Ted Kaufman (both D) issued the following the statement:

“Every day we see more and more Delawareans struggling to make ends meet – especially older citizens on fixed incomes. Funding for senior nutrition assistance programs is another good example of how the new economic recovery package translates into real and immediate improvements in the lives of many Delawareans. We have seen in recent weeks that this recovery package is bringing new federal funds to benefit many Delaware concerns, including our health centers, law enforcement and rail systems.”

The announcement was lauded by Delaware’s Secretary of Health and Social Services, Rita M. Landgraf.

“These funds will provide some help in the short term in addressing some of our revenue shortfall and assist us in keeping our senior nutrition programs alive as they serve a crucial role in providing for Delaware’s aging population. These funds will help to ensure that no one’s co-worker, friend, neighbor or family member will have to choose among food, medicine or heat,” said Sec. Landgraf.