Carper Supports Biden-Lugar Proposal on Iraq

WILMINGTON, DE – Senator Tom Carper today pledged his support for the proposal crafted by Senators Joe Biden and Richard Lugar concerning America’s goal of disarming Saddam Hussein. Carper issued the following statement in support of the proposal: “I am convinced that Saddam Hussein is a threat not only to the United States, but to his neighbors, to the community of nations and our global order, as well as to many of his own people. I also believe in the bipartisan resolution drafted earlier this month by Senator Richard Lugar and my fellow senator from Delaware, Joe Biden- two Senators of intellect and skill in the area of international diplomacy. The Biden-Lugar draft resolution focuses on the most critical task at hand -disarming Saddam Hussein. Senators Biden and Lugar have carefully crafted this resolution to authorize the President to use force in the conduct of military operations that are necessary and appropriate. Under this resolution, the Congress provides President Bush with the flexibility he needs to garner international support now for a tough, new U.N. Security Council Resolution. This resolution also provides the President with the authority to unleash U.S. military force against Iraq in the event that he determines that Iraq’s continued intransigence makes such action necessary.”