Carper, Kaufman Statement on Papili Confirmation to be U.S. Marshal for Delaware

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sens. Tom Carper and Ted Kaufman (both D-Del.) issued the following statements responding to the U.S. Senate’s confirmation last night of Joseph A. Papili to be the United States Marshal for the State of Delaware


"I thank my colleagues for their swift consideration and confirmation of Joe Papili," said Sen. Carper. "Joe’s career of public service in Delaware has been exceptional. The President has made a wise choice in nominating him for the position of U.S. Marshal and my colleagues have made a wise decision in confirming him. I’m confident Joe will do an excellent job and continue his outstanding record of public service.  Joe will have big shoes to fill; the current US Marshal Dave Thomas has done an excellent job in the position and the people of Delaware are in his debt for his high degree of professionalism and his commitment to the Marshal service over the past eight years."  


"I am very pleased that such an outstanding and committed candidate as Joe Papili will serve as Delaware‘s next U.S. Marshal. His long career of dedicated service to the Delaware State Police has prepared him well for this position, and we will all benefit from the expertise and professionalism that he will undoubtedly bring to the U.S. Marshal’s office," said Sen. Kaufman.


Joseph Papili will be sworn in later this month or in early September. He is a twenty-four and a half year veteran of the Delaware State Police. Holding the rank of Major, he is the Special Operations Officer currently overseeing the Intelligence, Homeland Security, Homicide, Tactical, and other specialized units within the agency. He has been a member of the Executive Staff of the State Police since 1999.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in 1983.