Sen. Carper Applauds Administration Progress on Climate Action Plan

WASHINGTON – Today, the White House released a progress report that discusses the steps that the administration has taken in the past year under the Climate Action Plan to cut pollution that causes climate change and harms public health. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement regarding the administration’s progress over the past year:

“For years, I have been working with my colleagues in Congress, the Administration and stakeholder groups to try to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our generation – climate change.  The longer we wait to address this issue, the more damaging and expensive it becomes. As Congress fights over what to do, our communities are feeling the first taste of the harmful effects of climate change whether it is increased rates of asthma or through record droughts, storms, and wild fires. Coastal communities, like those in Delaware, are especially vulnerable as the oceans slowly rise and more extreme storms like Superstorm Sandy hit our coasts.  These climate impacts are costing our country – not just in lives impacted – but in true economic costs.  

“This is why last year I welcomed the president’s comprehensive Climate Action Plan – and I am thankful that one year later the president continues to march forward implementing this plan. In the past year, the administration has set new efficiency standards, begun developing the next phase of fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles, and proposed carbon pollution standards for new and existing power plants.  I applaud the president’s action on each of these initiatives and I pledge to continue to do all I can in Congress to protect our environment and grow our economy through curbing climate change.”

See full progress report here.