Sen. Carper Celebrates Historic Fuel Efficiency Standards

54.5 mpg requirement will slash dependence on foreign oil and save American families money at the pump

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Clean Air, released the following statement on the Obama Administration’s action to finalize historic fuel efficiency standards for Model Year 2017-2025 passenger cars and light-duty trucks that will ensure vehicles get 54.5 mpg by 2025:

“Today’s action by the Obama Administration to finalize historic fuel efficiency standards reaffirms what many of us already know: that such a move is a win-win for our country. These standards represent a major step along the path to reducing our dependence on foreign oil and lowering fuel costs, which is a win for America’s security and environment and also for families in Delaware and across the country who will save money at the pump. Increasing the fuel efficiency standards for the new cars and trucks to be built in the next decade ensures that Americans will be able to buy American-made vehicles that get good gas mileage and cost less to fuel up.

“These standards build on the significant progress Congress and this Administration have made to wean our country off of imported oil and reduce energy costs for Delawareans and all Americans. Automakers are already seeing huge sales for cars and trucks that get great gas mileage, and these standards give our auto manufacturers even more certainty that they can build these high-quality vehicles right here at home. It also reaffirms that U.S. automakers can work with the federal government to lay out a path that will benefit both the industry and consumers. This is a much-needed step for a stronger future for American energy and American automobiles – one that lowers costs, boosts our security, and strengthens our environment for generations to come.”