Sen. Carper Praises U.S. Postal Service’s “Lean Green Teams” For Generating Over $27 Million in Savings and Revenues

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management which oversees the U.S. Postal Service, released the following statement regarding the Postal Service’s announcement that its “Lean Green Teams” generated over $27 million in savings and revenue:

“By embracing a culture of thrift and conservation, the United States Postal Service is showing the rest of the government how sustainability can pay dividends not only for the environment but also for the nation’s bottom line. Savings through reduced use of electricity and fuel, coupled with actually making money by recycling the goods the Postal Service uses every day, is a clear recipe for success. The Postal Service volunteered to hold itself to the ambitious goals set out in President Obama’s 2009 executive order for federal agencies and it looks like it is well on its way to meeting those goals. Last year, I introduced legislation – the “Improving Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Use By Federal Agencies Act of 2010” – to help agencies reach these ambitious sustainability goals and make the government greener, and I plan to introduce similar legislation again in the coming months.

“Again, I congratulate the Postal Service for this success and for the great example it is setting for others. I look forward to working with the Postal Service and other federal agencies to discuss how they can go even further in promoting environmental sustainability and financial savings for the American taxpayer.”

Earlier today, the U.S. Postal Service announced that its “Lean Green Teams” helped the agency reduce energy, water, solid waste to landfills and petroleum fuel use, saving more than $5 million in 2010. They also helped the Postal Service recycle more than 222,000 tons of material – an increase of nearly 8,000 tons over the prior year – which generated $13 million in revenue, and saved an additional $9.1 million in landfill fees. The teams are helping mesh low-cost and no-cost sustainable practices with performances management systems to help the Postal Service meet the reduction goals laid out in President Obama’s 2009 green government executive order.

The executive order, titled “Federal Leadership in Environment, Energy and Economy Performance” (EO 13514), calls for agencies to reach a 30% cut in vehicle fuel use by 2020, a 50% increase in recycling by 2015 and to establish greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2020.

Last year, Sen. Carper introduced the “Improving Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Use By Federal Agencies Act of 2010” (S.3251) to give agencies the tools and resources they need to become more sustainable and realize financial savings for taxpayers.