Sen. Carper Recognizes 51 Years of the Peace Corps

WASHINGTON – In celebration of its 51st anniversary, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) today honored the Peace Corps’ mission and recognized the Delawareans past and present who have served in the organization.

“For more than five decades, the Peace Corps has inspired countless Delawareans and Americans to be leaders in community service and international development,” said Sen. Carper. “By working to eliminate poverty and oppression, diplomatic, economic, and humanitarian programs like the Peace Corps continue to play a critical role in protecting U.S. national security by promoting a positive image of America abroad. The generations of volunteers who dedicate years of service to the Corps’ mission take a leading role in making our world a better place. Working at the grassroots level and living in small towns and villages, these volunteers have acted as a frontline for U.S. diplomatic efforts. Their commitment is truly inspiring to Delaware and the rest of the country.”

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy created the Peace Corps, an organization that sends young American volunteers to countries in need to provide training and education. Since its inception, the Peace Corps has sent over 200,000 volunteers to 139 countries to serve as teachers, farmers, environmental advisors, and small business providers. Over 470 Delawareans have been Peace Corps volunteers and 25 Delawareans are currently serving in the organization.

Delawareans currently serving in the Peace Corps include:

Jamie L. Albrecht, Kelsey J. Anderson, Jennifer L. Baker, Joel R. Baker, Hannah E. Beswick, Zailina R. Borhan, Adam J. Catterton, Samuel Choi, Carolyn M. Coles, Stuart C. Diebolt, Deidra A. Duncan, Alexandra E. Hassink, Justin R. Hugelen-Padin, Megan A. Lawless, Anthony M. Manno, Elena Muzzi, Sean J. Park, Genitta M. Pearson, Samantha C. Rabe, Kimberly A. Rosado, John P. Shekailo, Camille L. Simpson, Holden B. Slattery, Joshua M. Snyder, Kasumi J. Takahashi.

National Peace Corps Week runs from February 27 through March 2, 2012. For more information, please visit