Sen. Carper Statement on NRC Chairman Dr. Gregory Jaczko

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Nuclear Safety, issued a statement following the announcement that Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chairman Dr. Gregory Jaczko will resign following the confirmation of his replacement:

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s dedicated staff and leadership share my commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and security at our nation’s nuclear power plants. Throughout his tenure at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Chairman Dr. Gregory Jaczko has been committed to not just maintain, but improve safety in our country’s nuclear industry. I particularly appreciated Chairman Jaczko’s efforts during and after the Fukushima Nuclear crisis – ensuring the public was well informed and ensuring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission applied the lessons learned from that tragic incident to the safety of our nation’s nuclear facilities. I want to thank Chairman Jaczko for his service and efforts both as a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and as the Commission’s Chairman. I wish Chairman Jaczko and his family all the best as they conclude this chapter in their lives and pursue other endeavors.

“I am hopeful that the President will move quickly to nominate a new commissioner to fill Chairman Jaczko’s position and to nominate a new Chairman. I will work with my colleagues to see that the nominee confirmation process is fair and expeditious, yet thorough. This is a critical period for our nation’s nuclear industry as we work to maintain the highest levels of safety and excellence at our nuclear facilities while also encouraging the development of the next generation of nuclear reactors. Congress, the Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission must continue to work closely together to ensure the continued success in the U.S. nuclear industry.”