Sen. Carper Statement on the Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) issued the following statement after the Senate voted 75-20 to approve the Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act:

“One of my top priorities is to create a nurturing environment for business that facilitates job preservation and job creation, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Modernization and Reform Act does just that. John Chambers, the Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Systems, Inc., has said that world class infrastructure and a world class workforce are the keys to global success in the 21st century.

“The FAA bill accomplishes just that – building what we need in Delaware and across the nation to ensure we have world-class jobs, a world-class work force and a world-class infrastructure, which includes our community and national airports.

“This bill helps keep one of nation’s major areas of infrastructure – our airports – operational and safe and keeps millions of Americans employed. The airline industry accounts for millions of American jobs and over a trillion dollars in annual economic activity, and our state and nation can’t afford to let this industry falter.

“Locally, this bill means job growth in the First State, particularly in Sussex County. The FAA bill will create much-needed job opportunities through airport improvement projects, including the funding necessary to complete the Sussex County Airport runway extension project. This will allow existing business to grow, such as PATS Aircraft System, which already employs 400 people in Delaware. Through projects like this, the FAA bill will help foster economic growth and airport accessibility for Delawareans – helping to attract new businesses, and allow companies to expand and succeed, bringing even more jobs to Sussex County.

“Moreover, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act also shows the American people that Congress can get something accomplished that delivers a direct benefit to folks back home. After many short-term agreements, we were able to work together – both Democrats and Republicans – and compromise to pass long-term legislation that protects hard-working men and women in the First State, and, at the same time, protect a critical component of our nation’s transportation network.”