Sen. Carper to Participate in YouTube Town Hall Meeting

Focus of this month's forum is bipartisanship and compromise

To view Sen. Carper’s video and cast your vote of support, click here.

WASHINGTON — On Sunday, Nov. 6, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) will participate in the YouTube Town Hall – a monthly online forum connecting Members of Congress to YouTube users and the general public. Sen. Carper will share his thoughts on how to overcome gridlock in Congress by answering the question, “Why has partisan bickering taken hold in Congress and can we learn to compromise again?”

YouTube Town Hall is an online forum for Members of Congress to debate and discuss important issues facing the country. Visitors to YouTube can select an issue, watch two short videos expressing “competing” ideas, and then support the one they agree with most. The questions are submitted and chosen by YouTube users, and Members of Congress share their views with the entire YouTube online community.

“Taking part in this month’s YouTube Town Hall gives me a unique chance to connect with constituents in an innovative, user-friendly way, while answering an important question about how to make Congress more efficient, effective, and functional,” said Sen. Carper. “At a time when more and more Delawareans use outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and Google to get news and information, it’s all the more important to ensure constituents also get the services they need through these online channels. I work hard to provide relevant, useful materials for all Delawareans on my website – – as well as on my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube pages. I hope this online town hall will provide yet another valuable resource for all Delawareans.”

The YouTube Town Hall will go live on Sunday, Nov. 6. You can view the town hall by visiting Sen. Carper’s video will be found under the topic “Governance.”