Sen. Carper Unveils Newly Redesigned Website

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper unveiled his newly redesigned website, . The revamped website is designed to better serve the people of the First State by providing more information and accessibility to the services Delawareans need. The website redesign also coincides with the launch of Sen. Carper’s official Twitter account: @SenatorCarper.

“In a world where our daily communication is increasingly digitized and online, it is important that I am as accessible as possible to my constituents,” said Sen. Carper. “Being accessible also extends to my ‘online office,’ and this redesigned website will help ensure that my constituents can quickly and easily access the information they need, whether it is on a bill that I’ve sponsored, applying for a grant or academy nomination or to get news on a natural disaster. I also travel up and down the First State and to and from Washington, D.C. nearly every week, and I want Delawareans to see what I am working on and how they can get more involved. This new and improved website, along with my e-newsletter and several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and You Tube, helps me to more effectively communicate with my constituents and in doing so, hopefully allows me to better serve them.”

Sen. Carper’s new website provides information on a number of important services that his U.S. Senate office provides, including help with federal agencies, federal grants, service academy applications and more.

Delawareans can find more on the issues affecting our nation and the First State, including Sen. Carper’s policy positions, legislation pending on the floor of the Senate, Sen. Carper’s voting record and sponsored legislation.

Delawareans can also easily communicate with Sen. Carper and receive more information, by emailing him on the website’s “Email Senator Carper” web form and signing up for his electronic newsletter. Sen. Carper’s new website also has an extensive multimedia section, with more photos and videos of Sen. Carper’s work for Delaware around the First State and in Washington, D.C. Sen. Carper will also continue to share his personal blog, Carper’s Corner.

Delawareans can also find Sen. Carper on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and YouTube. In addition to Sen. Carper’s official Twitter account @SenatorCarper, Delawareans can also follow @SenCarper_Press for updates from Sen. Carper’s press shop.