Sen. Carper Urges House Leaders to End Attack on Public Health and Start Voting on Legislation to Support Job Growth

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper criticized House Republicans for pursuing a bill to roll back public health protections instead of legislation to help our recovering economy. On Thursday, the House began debate on the so-called “Stop the War on Coal Act,” a measure meant to reduce coal mine oversight, obstruct implementation of toxic mercury regulations for power plants and block the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of greenhouse gases. The House approved the measure, 233-175.

“It’s disappointing that House Republicans are using the last couple of hours that they plan to be in session before November to try to roll back laws that will clean up our air and water instead of taking up legislation that we know will save and create jobs,” said Sen. Carper.  “The Senate responded this year to the worst drought in more than 50 years by passing a new farm bill that would save money and modernize our nation’s agriculture sector. The Senate also passed legislation that would save the Postal Service – and the eight million jobs associated with the mailing industry – from collapse. But the House has played partisan politics up until the very end and refused to take up either measure. And instead of staying here to work out differences on those bills and others, Congress is heading into recess for almost two months. This is not what the American people want to see from their elected officials.  They expect us to work together and produce results.”