Sen. Carper: USPS Financial Losses Underscore Urgent Need for House to Act on Postal Reform Legislation

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees the U.S. Postal Service, released the following reaction to the announcement that the U.S. Postal Service lost $3.2 billion in the second quarter of fiscal year 2012:

“Today’s announcement that the U.S. Postal Service lost $3.2 billion in the second quarter of fiscal year 2012 shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This comes on the heels of several years of steep losses, including a $3.3 billion loss just last quarter, which historically is the Postal Service’s strongest financial quarter. The Postal Service can’t afford to continue hemorrhaging money like this and Congress can’t stand idly by and allow it to continue to creep towards collapse. The Postal Service supports a trillion dollar mailing industry and over eight million jobs. At a time when we’re fighting to create jobs and grow our economy, allowing the Postal Service to go under is simply not an option. As I have said time and time again, this is a dire situation but it is not hopeless – it does, however, require quick action from Congress to solve the problem. While the Postal Service is moving forward under its current authorities with some stopgap, piecemeal efforts to reduce costs, these measures don’t even begin to address the serious financial crisis facing this American institution. The reality is that Congress must pass comprehensive postal reform legislation to provide the Postal Service with the tools and resources it needs to not just survive in the 21st century, but to thrive. The Senate responded to this need for action by passing the bipartisan 21st Century Postal Service Act (S.1789) last month. While that legislation is not perfect, it includes meaningful reforms that respond to the Postal Service’s financial woes. Now the House must do its part and pass its own version of postal reform legislation. Every day that the House delays, the Postal Service loses $25 million. We can’t afford to wait any longer. It is my hope that the House will soon announce its plans for action so that Congress and the Administration can come together on a plan in to save the Postal Service before it’s too late.”