Sen. Carper Votes to Establish Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) voted with a majority of his Senate colleague to pass H.R. 6156, the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, legislation to establish Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia. The bill now goes to the President for his signature. 

“If we are to succeed in today’s global economy, the U.S. must maintain a competitive advantage abroad. This important bipartisan legislation helps us do just that by allowing the U.S. to receive the benefits from Russia’s World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments, providing a rules-based system for trade and the potential to increase exports to Russia, ultimately creating more jobs and revenue in Delaware and across the nation.

“Russia is a growing marketplace and it presents significant opportunities for U.S. exports, including a significant industry in Delaware – poultry. As our poultry growers seek to win back their market share in Russia since it joined the WTO in August, this permanent normal trade relations agreement will provide the rules-based system necessary to make sure our poultry growers get a fair deal when exporting their products overseas.  It is critical that our nation join every other WTO member and establish permanent normal trade relations with Russia so U.S. farmers, ranchers, businesses, and workers can fully benefit from Russia’s membership. Moving forward, now that Russia has acceded to the WTO, it is imperative that Congress and the Administration continue to make sure that American businesses and farmers are not disadvantaged. It will remain a top priority for me to continue to work with the Administration, trade officials and the poultry industry to protect our consumers and support our poultry growers by expanding access for U.S. poultry to markets around the world.”