Senator Carper on the Passing of Former Delaware Governor Dale Wolf

Today, U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) gave the following statement on the passing of Delaware’s former Lt. Governor and Governor Dale Wolf. Senator Carper succeeded Wolf as Governor in 1993:

“It was an honor and a joy to know and work with Dale. Dale and my wife Martha worked together at DuPont for years, and we had so much respect and affection for him and his family. During his time serving as Delaware’s Lt. Governor and the short time as Governor, he was especially focused on creating a more nurturing environment for job creation and job preservation in Delaware, and had a keen understanding of the agriculture industry, which continues to be such an important part of our state’s economy today. After serving our state, he retired with no enemies – something most of us can only aspire to. I hope the rest of us can live as long, and continue to give of ourselves right up until the end, like Dale did.”