Senator Carper Statement Reacting to the Death of Osama bin Laden

WASHINGTON – Senator Tom Carper (D-Del) issued the following statement regarding the death of Osama bin Laden:

“Our hearts go out to all the families in the United States and around the world who lost a loved one because of the evil acts of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida. I want to offer my congratulations to the President, his Administration, and our brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Services and counter terrorism forces. This is remarkable news, and a testament to their skill and dedication. Nearly 10 years after the most treacherous and devastating attack on the United States, we can now find some solace that the mastermind of that terrible act has finally received the justice that he so richly deserved. This is not the end of our efforts to fight terrorism and ensure a safer America and a safer world, but this is an important victory in this effort. We need to continue to remain eternally vigilant because we know all too well that there are still those around the world who would do us harm and we must work to prevent that. Again, I want to offer my thanks and deep appreciation to all those who worked to make this significant achievement possible.”