Senator Carper Votes to Maintain Critical Benefits for Delaware Families

Carper Self-Employment Assistance Proposal to Reform Unemployment Insurance Included in Agreement

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement after he voted with his Senate colleagues 60-36 to approve the Tax Relief and Job Creation Act:

“Today a majority of my colleagues and I came together and did the right thing by passing legislation to maintain essential benefits that protect thousands of Delaware families. This bill preserves important unemployment benefits for those Delawareans who are out of work. It also includes a key reform to the unemployment insurance program – one that I helped author – that helps our economy and our out-of-work Delawareans and Americans by providing the unemployed with access to the resources they need to launch their own business. By offering more workers access to this underutilized and innovative alternative, we will not only ensure that more Americans will find jobs but we will also help generate further economic growth by fostering the next generation of startups that make our communities and economy stronger. The legislation also ensures that Delaware seniors and the disabled enrolled in Medicare will continue to receive care from their regular doctors without interruption. Lastly, the legislation extends the temporary payroll tax cut through the end of 2012, putting roughly $1,000 back in each worker’s pocket this year. This is a good example of Congressional cooperation and bipartisanship, and for the sake of families across Delaware and America I hope that we can continue to work together to provide a nurturing environment for businesses large and small to grow our economy, as well as protecting the essential services and benefits folks depend on.”