Sister Rosa, Co-Founder of La Esperanza, to Join Sen. Carper at Pope’s Address to Congress

WASHINGTON – Sen. Carper has invited Sister Rosa Alvarez, one of the founders of La Esperanza Community Center in Georgetown, to be his guest at the Joint Meeting of Congress with His Holiness Pope Francis of the Holy See on Sept. 24, 2015. 

Sister Rosa has a long history of working with the homeless and mothers in need. She joined other Carmelite Sisters to open La Esperanza, which means “hope” in Spanish, in Georgetown in 1995. Its mission is to support the increasing number of immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala working in Sussex County. Her work has also led to the establishment of La Red Health Clinic and Gardenia House, a shelter for Hispanic women and children.

More recently, Sister Rosa’s work has focused on prenatal care for mothers and health care for their children. She has helped deliver hundreds of babies, organized parenting courses, helped to translate documents, and helped to arrange appointments and hospitalizations. Her guidance has been invaluable to countless families as they navigate unfamiliar rules and confusing health care systems.

“I am honored that Sister Rosa will join me in Washington D.C. on Thursday to hear Pope Francis address Congress,” said U.S. Sen. Tom Carper. “Like the Pope, she has devoted her life to serving others, especially the ‘least of these.’ Last year I met with Sister Rosa and her colleagues after she answered the call to help with the influx of hundreds of unaccompanied minor migrants and mothers with young children. She embraced these new arrivals, helped ensure their basic needs were met, and helped families register their children for school and other much-needed services. She is selfless, and I am looking forward to accompanying her to hear the Pope on Thursday.”