On Senate Floor, Carper Honors Immigrant Health Care Hero from Delaware

Today, on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) honored our nation’s immigrant health care heroes who are on the front lines in our battle against the coronavirus. Senator Carper highlighted the critical work that 3.1 million health care workers who have made this country their home are doing to protect their fellow Americans, even during this especially difficult time. Specifically, he shared the story of Delaware’s own Cesarina Ramirez, a nurse at Westside Family Healthcare in Wilmington, who uses her native Spanish language to help ensure that the city’s Spanish-speaking population understand their diagnoses and their care plans.


“Something that most Americans may not know is that one in six health care and social service workers in this country is an immigrant to this country. That is 3.1 million people who have chosen to make the United States their home and are giving back to their country in profound ways. They are not a number. They are not a statistic. They are caring, courageous members of their communities and our own,” said Senator Carper. “Over the last three and a half years – and even before that on the campaign trail – we heard Donald Trump, and many of the people around him, demonize immigrants. He has used fear-mongering to claim that immigrants and DREAMERs – the young people brought here when they were children – were going to take American jobs. But, while many Americans are rightly following stay-at-home orders, these men and women are often putting their own health and safety at risk to do some of the most critical jobs every day. I believe it’s important that we recognize these immigrant health care heroes who are playing a truly critical role in the fight to protect their fellow Americans.”


Senator Carper shared the story of Cesarina Ramirez, who came to the United States from the Dominican Republic with her family at the age of seven. She had a dream to follow in her father’s footsteps and work in medicine. Now, at such a critical time in our country, Cesarina, like so many other immigrant health care heroes, is giving back and serving her fellow Americans in a profound way.


Senator Carper continued, “Thank you Cesarina for all you are doing to continue to serve our community in Delaware, even during these most difficult of times. The United States and the First State sure are more than lucky – we are blessed – that you are on our team in this fight against the coronavirus. And to all the other immigrant health care heroes who are serving their fellow Americans throughout this country of ours – and to those who were fortunate enough to have been born here — we salute you, and we thank you, for looking out for the rest of us so that we might enjoy the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are better for having you here, and we appreciate the life-saving care you are providing to so many.”


Senator Carper’s full remarks can be viewed here.