Celebrating 225 years of the U.S. Coast Guard

Dear Friends,

Today, the U.S Coast Guard celebrates 225 years of serving our nation and safeguarding our interests on the high seas.  

Over 42,000 brave men and women on active duty serve our nation with the Coast Guard today. Many of these honorable individuals dedicate their lives to the Coast Guard’s many important missions, which range from maritime law enforcement and military operations, to search and rescue and environmental protection. Our nation’s active duty Coastguardsmen serve at ports and waterways across our country and around the globe – and some even have the chance to serve in Delaware. 

In June, I spoke on the Senate floor about several outstanding officers in the Coast Guard, including Petty Officer Joscelyn Greenwell, who is stationed at Coast Guard Station Indian River Inlet in southern Delaware. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Petty Officer Greenwell and 30 of her colleagues there, and learn more about how she and her unit serve and protect their fellow Americans.

While at Indian River Inlet Station, I had the opportunity to speak with Petty Officer Greenwell and her unit about their service, tour the facilities and head out onto the Indian River Bay and Atlantic Ocean to see how our Coastguardsmen work around the clock to patrol our waterways and keep Americans safe. We Delawareans – and all of our visitors to our pristine 5-star beaches – can rest assured that the Indian River Inlet unit stands ready to answer our call, if ever we need their assistance.

Today, we should celebrate those thousands of men and women who serve or served in the Coast Guard. I encourage you all to say “thanks” to someone you know who serves in the Coast Guard today, as well as the many Coast Guard Reservists, Auxiliary Members and civilians hard at work every day to keep our Coast Guard, “Semper Paratus,” – Always Ready

As we say in the Navy and the Coast Guard, “Bravo Zulu!”