Delaware Works

Dear Friend,

Congress may have taken a break from session in Washington, but I’ve been as busy as ever, spending time in both Delaware and Washington, as I try to make headway on some of our state’s and our country’s biggest priorities before the year is over. While back home, I’ve had the special opportunity to witness some important and impressive work that Delawareans are doing around the First State.

Last week, I visited the Delaware City Refinery, where I saw the process of crude oil being unloaded off the rail cars. The refinery employs some innovative and hardworking Delawareans, whose day-to-day work makes an impact on Americans across the country.

The Delaware Fire School – with locations in all three counties – provides fire, rescue, emergency medical training and public fire safety education to the fire and rescue service, as well as to industry and citizens of Delaware. The First State is honored to have these men and women protecting us each and every day, and this school provides first-class training to the brave Delawareans responsible for keeping us safe.

Finally, I had the chance to see the Wilmington skyline like I’ve never seen it before: from the top of the Delaware Memorial Bridge! I met with the painters who keep the bridge beautiful. It was incredible to see the meticulous work they do to paint the bridge and prevent corrosion. The Delaware Memorial Bridge is dedicated to veterans who gave their lives in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. It is a source of great pride and that’s not lost on anyone working there.

As I continue my travels throughout the First State this fall, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see more of the important work going on in Delaware. Do you know of people who are doing great work in Delaware? I invite you to tell me about it on Twitter using the hashtag #DelawareWorks.

Working hard for you,

Tom Carper