Don’t Catch the Flu or Let the Flu Catch You!

Dear Friend,

As the seasons change, the leaves fall, and temperatures drop, I urge all Delawareans to get vaccinated before the annual flu season hits. Each year, peak flu season begins as early as October and lasts until May.

This week, to prepare for the season, I received my annual flu shot and I encourage all Delawareans to do the same. We have a shared responsibility to protect our families and our communities by protecting ourselves and getting vaccinated.

Here are some ways to stay healthy this flu season from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

·       Avoid those who have the flu, and if you show symptoms, stay at home. The flu virus is transmitted from person to person and can be spread to others from about 6 feet away.

·       Always wash hands with soap and water. Personal hygiene is important to stop the spread of the virus and a person may get sick by touching a surface with the flu virus on it and then touching their face or mouth.

·      Get Vaccinated! The CDC recommends all persons six months or older get vaccinated for the flu.

The flu vaccine can be found at many locations including doctors’ offices, clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and college health centers. You can visit  the website of the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services at for the schedule and location of clinics offering the flu vaccine.

This season, get vaccinated to stay safe and healthy so you can enjoy all that fall in Delaware has to offer!

Dutifully yours,

Tom Carper