Texas, you’re not alone

This past week, our entire nation watched and prayed as Hurricane Harvey made landfall and Houston and eastern Texas were inundated by historic rainfall and flooding. By some measurements, parts of Houston received more than 50 inches of rain in less than a week. The images we see out of Houston and eastern Texas are devastating, and my heart goes out to the victims of this cataclysmic storm.

I’ve also been deeply moved by the incredible acts of bravery and heroism as first responders and everyday people risk their lives to help their neighbors. America is one big family, and while we may have our differences, in times of need we put those differences aside and come together. As we’ve watched disaster and tragedy unfold in Texas, we’ve also witnessed the resilient bond of community that makes our nation strong and truly special.

I’m proud of the Delawareans who are doing what they can to help our neighbors in Texas, including our brave servicemen and women who have answered the call of duty with the Delaware National Guard. We know that, even when the flood waters begin to crest, Texas has a long road ahead to fully recover from Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. As good neighbors, we have an obligation to make sure the people of Houston and eastern Texas know they are not alone and that we won’t forget about them when the waters recede.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to watch my message to the people of Houston and eastern Texas.