Thanks for your questions! Here are my thoughts…

Dear Friends,

In my message to you last week, I asked you to share your thoughts with me about President Obama’s final State of the Union address. I had the opportunity to reflect on some of the comments and questions posted on my Facebook, and I responded to a handful of those comments and questions for this week’s video edition of “Carper’s Connection.”

Some of the questions were very introspective, like this one from Jennifer – “Hoping for a country that tries to work together for the better of all instead of fueling hatred and focusing on differences. What kind of American do you want to be?” That’s the first question I respond to in my videoyou can watch all of my responses to some questions and comments from Delawareans below:

As we move forward together into 2016, I know that Congress has got to remain laser-focused on the challenges that face our country and the world today. We also need to continue working together to ensure that our nation stays a step ahead of the challenges we may face tomorrow. The only way we can face these challenges is to communicate and compromise, no matter the partisanship or political rhetoric that may try to divide us.

Each and every day, I ask myself what I can do to better serve the people of Delaware and our country. I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you to better answer that question. I look forward to responding to more of your comments and questions in the weeks and months ahead. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and warm weekend.