Think Outside the Cardboard Box

Dear Fellow Earthlings,

Next Tuesday, April 22, is one of my favorite days of the year: Earth Day.  On this day, people around the world come together to appreciate the gifts of the environment, and to remind each other of the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

One of the simplest ways I like to show my appreciation for our planet year-round is by recycling.  As co-chair of the Senate Recycling Caucus, I am always looking for new ways to promote recycling across the country.  Especially in a small state like Delaware, where landfill space is scarce, it’s important to think outside the cardboard box when it comes to recycling items we use every day.  I’m sure many of you, like me, have old electronic devices in your home that you’re not sure what you should do with. 

This Earth Day, I encourage all of you to join me in gathering up old electronics you no longer use and taking them to an electronic  recycling site near you.  You can check out my website for tips on where to find a collection point in your area, how to prepare your devices for recycling, and more.

I also hope you will join me in stopping by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s Electronic Goods Recycling Event on Saturday, April 19.  The event takes place from 8 AM until 2PM at Barley Mill Plaza in Wilmington. I know I’m looking forward to cleaning out some space in my house and dropping off some of my old electronics for recycling.  Recycling is one way that we can work together to reduce the waste in Delaware’s landfills and help keep our environment clean for generations to come.

Earth Day

As always, I look forward to hearing from you on this, or any other topic, through email or by contacting me on Twitter @SenatorCarper and on Facebook

Be Green,